Das Dutchman Essenhaus Restaurant-Middlebury, IN.

P1080386My wife and I have traveled to many places in our marriage. We have found many places both enjoyable, comfortable and charming. Yet, there are very few places that seem like “home”, and possess a sense of serenity, rest and simple elegance . Das Dutchman Essenhaus Inn and Restaurant, Middlebury, Indiana, remains such a place. For this blog article, let me focus mainly on the restaurant.

Being located in the “heart” of Amish country in northern Indiana provides the Das Dutchman Essenhaus an unique advantage.  The owners regard their company as something far more than a business. May I say, they see it as a ministry.

I spoke with Jeff Miller (part of the leadership of the company, and author of The Secret of Nexus), and he revealed his family’s (owners) and his mentality regarding Das Dutchman Essenhaus. They wanted this place to be based on Christian principles, run as a family business and providing a “slow down” destination for “sense of calm and peace”, “God’s presence”, an “experience”, and “wholesome, quality environment”. Most certainly, to me, they have obtained these desired characteristics. It is a place where life’s cruelties, toils, darkness and coldness can fade away, and where hospitality, pleasant charm, and comfort may en wrap your soul. One might find the ease of creativity, while allowing their heart to abide closer with Christ. The entire grounds seems to exhibit a clean, beautiful and inviting feeling, providing a chance to escape reality, even if for a short time.

P1080163However, no visit would be complete without dining at the restaurant. For overly 40 years, Das Dutchman Essenhaus restaurant has been serving tantalizing and filling Amish-style meals. Their staff prepare a large assortment of house-made entrees, sides and desserts. This includes such items as creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes (*which may require 3.5 tons of potatoes for one week), buttery and flavor packed noodles, (*coming from Essenhause Foods production of up to 42 tons of noodles in one week), fall-apart Baked Steak smothered delectable gravy, in fresh home-made breads, pies and more from their Bakery (*using up to 2,700 pounds of white sugar between the restaurant and bakery), enjoy three Essenhaus made salad dressings, savor Amish style peanut butter and apple butter (*the restaurant using up to 60 gallons a week), and much more.

P1080416In the early 70’s, Bob and Sue Miller purchased a small “around the clock” “truck stop”, known as Everett’s Highway Inn, and converted it into a restaurant. They employed local Amish and Mennonite to serve on staff for this 120 seat establishment. Even today with accommodations for 1,100 people, one will enjoy many Amish and Mennonite providing service. Not only do they offer an additional facet of the experience, but more importantly, as Jeff Miller admitted, they provide the quality layer of excellence with their disciplined and hard-working ethics.

There are several ways to enjoy meals. Either family-style, menu or buffet during the evening hours. Personally, I recommend either the menu or especially the family style. With the latter, guests receive personal service from certain choices of large amounts, a dessert and drink for a set price. This allows one to enjoy fresh all you can eat portions served to your table as you enjoy dining and conversing.

Admittedly, I have written a slight hint of Das Dutchman Essenhaus’ goodness. Yet, some things are better experienced than learned from others. If you want to delight in scrumptious food, and find some respite in a beautiful environment, than take a trip to the Middlebury/Shipshewanna Indiana are. Just make sure to lodge, shop and dine at the Das Dutchman Essenhaus Inn, Restaurant and Shops. Consider a place where life’s hustle and bustle becomes tempered by tranquility.


*fun facts about Das Dutchman Essenhaus flier; provided courtesy of Das Dutchman Essenhaus


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