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The Power of Music

Music embodies and delivers such powerful emotions, creativity, thinking and results. Designed by God, it holds precious value and purpose, and important responsibility. Proper and good music focuses on melody that not only enriches our lives, but most importantly brings glory to God.

Whether playing a dynamic number, like “Down From His Glory”, a soul-stirring hymn, like “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, the uplifting “Beyond the Sunset, the quick classical piece of “Solfeggietto”, a powerful rendition of a piece like “America the Beautiful”, an emotional love song, like “Misty”, a golden American gem, like “Maple Leaf Rag” or a festive Christmas song, such as “Sleigh Ride”, music resides deep within my heart and “spills out” to the listener.


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"Matthew Marshall plays the piano with both passion and warmth.  His
talent is superb.  His background orchestration and visual production are
delightful.  We trust that his ministry will be a blessing to

Pastor Von Bokern pastor, Lifeway Baptist Church, Indiana September 29, 2015

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